Genevieve Robertson is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in environmental studies. Her practice explores the material around the body and under the feet: water, oil, wind, silt, flora, fauna and mineral. Often comprised of found organic materials collected on-site, her drawings map a visceral and long-term engagement with specific regions.  Through recent research in the West Kootenays, the Salish Sea and the Fraser and Columbia rivers, she has engaged with the complexities that emerge when relating to land and water in a time of large-scale industrial exploitation and climate precarity. Being out on the shoreline is the root of her work, leading to the recuperative ecologies that are available through long-term place-based exploration, inquisitive conversation and a committed and process-driven studio practice. She has exhibited her work in venues including the Libby Leshgold Gallery (Vancouver), the Pensacola Museum (USA), the Touchstones Museum (Nelson), Or Gallery (Vancouver), the Nanaimo Art Gallery, the New Gallery (Calgary), Walter Philips Gallery (Banff), and Access Gallery (Vancouver), with upcoming exhibitions at the Burnaby Art Gallery and the Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery. She holds an MFA from Emily Carr University (2016) and a BFA from NSCAD University (2009), and presently serves as the Executive Director at Oxygen Art Centre in Nelson, British Columbia. Genevieve’s work is informed by a personal and intergenerational history of resource labor in remote forestry camps on the West Coast of British Columbia.

instagram: @francevive

Master's of Fine Arts thesis here.